NY-London Daze of Confusion

Photography is such a moody business.

From spring sunshine in New York and Mad Men on 9th Ave who don't bat an eyelid

Mad men on 9th

to a prickly punk giving me the finger in London a few days later.  "One Pound!" he kept saying, his
finger jabbing the air as I walked past but I wasn't in the mood for placating interaction because
to tell the truth, I wasn't really in the mood for taking photos.  It wasn't happening then and it
hadn't been happening earlier.  The New York - London daze was becoming so much more of a reality in
that I wasn't sure how my shooting routine would go down given the shift in the home plates and the 
very short amount of time on my side.  The looseness wasn't there, it was all too wrapped up in the
rush of having to be here and then there. 

Getting the finger

I gave in and I gave up, retiring to the comfort of an outdoor table at one of the pubs along the  
beautiful exotic Stoke Newington High Street.  Let the world go by, I thought, put the camera down. 
Have a drink, a long tall cold beer and, with an inch or two left in the glass, from out of nowhere 
came the delightful Eugene.

So BeautifulRaising a glassThinking about it
He sat down, talked about life and family back in County Kerry, his friends here in London.  A good
life but for one little problem . . . . "the drink."

And it was then I forgot where I was because really, it didn't matter at all that much . . . we were