Taking 5 . . .

 . . . .  and maybe just a little more.

I have never before done an official blog break - I have aimlessly wandered off the blogging 
reservation more than a few times in the past but this time I am going seriously wire-less, 
leaving the laptop and the digital camera at home. 

The Hand
Instead, I am packing books, (remember library books?) and my back copies of The New Yorker, the 
magazine which comes once a week full to the brim of so many tiny black words crowded on the page. We
refer to this magazine as the one "without the pictures"  while the New York Magazine is a little/lot
less demanding with its full spread of glossy pics and enough words to pad out the sense of dialogue
and conversation.

I shall take my iPhone, and maybe a few shots with it along the way, but I am also taking my old 
Nikon and a few rolls of film which may or may not see the light of day . . .

Photography is all about chasing the light but for now I am content to embrace lights out, sleep a 
little, sleep a lot! 

See what the day brings . . .