Road Tripping USA

Or what happened when a recent flight from Denver to NYC was cancelled because yet another blizzard 
was due to hit the north-east of the USA. The next available flight was not available until six days 

We hit the road, the Interstate-70 East and watched as the states rolled by in a blur of constant
motion, starting with the high plains drifting from Colorado and Kansas . . . 

I-70 Colorado Man Walking

I-70 East Colorado
Truck Stop Hay Bales I-70 truck stop Wheat Silos Kansas Great Plains 

                            The middle of nowhere is someone's somewhere . . . .

Lone person walking Kansas 
School Bus I-70 Kansas Kansas Car Park Vintage Kansas Diner 

Sacred Heart Of Jesus
Pro-life Sign Kansas Jesus billboard old fashioned windmill Wind turbines Kidney Road sign in Kansas

                                         Nightfall Topeka, Kansas . . .
Card playing in Diner
Topeka Diner 

                        Struggling in the dark, noisy light of St. Louis, Missouri . . . 
St Louis at night

                                               Morning in Ohio . . . Sunrise in Ohio Barns in snow Morning Clouds

                                                  Pennsylvania . . . diner in pennsylvania Farm in snow in Pennsylvania inside a car Philly Gun Show billboard Repent in the sundown snow 

                                                New Jersey Lights! 
Smoke stacks in New Jersey Green lights Holland Tunnel

                                              Snow covered streets of New York! Snow streets New York City 

The photographs are a collaboration, our family version of I Spy, and most taken from the moving car
through a dirty window, settings all over the place.  Just like us!