Under the Shadows

75 thoughts on “Under the Shadows”

  1. Looks exhilarating – and cold! Each frame is a vignette to your story. I feel I have travelled the distance with you in your (soggy) coat pocket.

  2. Unfortunately, I didn’t run into any sheep… though the weather seems almost like on my long walk in the foggy Stockholm today. There was drizzle and poor visibility, hardly anyone outdoors. Nice pictures. I wish I will get the opportunity to walk on that beautiful English ground, too.

  3. Patti, love the pictures. They are a marvelous change from my weather, Snow, wind, warm up tomorrow and temperature drop Monday night. I seriously am beginning to hate winter. I know, I live in Connecticut and if it’s so bad I should move. What? And leave all of this behind?

    1. Angeline, it’s the next best thing to a spa treatment – not that I have ever been near a spa treatment so what would I know but the icy rain and winds pelt the skin and that feels good enough for me! And it’s free!

  4. Glorious, loved the knotted gnarled trees, The old gate and stone wall. What a lovely photographic tale of dale and Dartmoor. Thank you, Patti, just what I needed. A stinking 41c today, could hardly touch the steering wheel getting in the car. Oh, give me dale, the mist and shivers of beauty reflected in rivulets of gentle rain with damping dormant grasses.

  5. First reaction……Patti is not in New York…….the photographs show the magic of the Moors. Love the man with his dog. Looks like a wonderful place to be and learn some new camera skills. Have fun!.

    1. Thank you ralf – I huddled in the spot of those last three shots while the most magnificent and noisy winds blew through the trees. There is an army base nearby which has all sorts of helicopters coming and going. I half expected one to be hovering nearby but it was just the wind.

  6. Oh, you were right near me Patti! I always think of you as so far away! I just love the moors, the mist, the bleak wet of them, the feeling when you get back inside to the warm..you’ve captured them just as they are in the winter..

    1. Cath, do you have a favourite part of the moors? The freedom to be had up there in as you say the mist and the bleak wet is so worth it. Enjoying thoughts of your companionship in the joys of winter, and yes the warm rewards of making it back!

      1. I think I love all different parts of it for different reasons, but I do love to be there in the silence, especially with the sheep and mist! i love that you can hear a person talk from miles away across a ridge, sound is odd up there sometimes..

  7. Superb work for ‘flying blind’ Patti! Poetry in pictures. Strange to imagine you out there without a soul, and then …. some sheep and …. a man and a dog! What a contrast. Immersion in the landscape is your thing where-ever you are. Wonderful to see!

    1. Thank you so much Philippa! The camera was fine going up and coming down but it went ultra clanky towards the top as the thick mist/rain came down which is when I went blind. It is an incredible landscape – you and your paintbrushes would love it!

    1. So different and yes Allan, a very welcome change but strangely enough the feeling of wandering about on the moor was very much akin to how I felt when traipsing through the wilderness of Willet’s Point, back in Queens!

  8. A truly wonderful post, Patti. I’m glad you’re having this refreshing change of scenery – such a different one than the streets – and you’re doing it beautifully. I love your description – love the man & raindrops, the soft focus mounds of gently saturated color. Love the 8th – almost nothing there – and the second to last – intense color – I see that kind of moss here a lot, too. The clouds became the view and you worked with what you had, and it was good!

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