Glad Tidings

Malcolm Cowboy Howdie Liz (Harpo Marx) Kydd's Navy

I'm not too good on year reviews and resolutions but I am sitting here in the damp of the UK
where the rain is whipping and howling outside, and making its way inside.  I could show moody
shots of windswept moors but I shall leave those for later.

For now, and the party celebrations we didn't have what with the turn of the calendar from one 
year to the next, I thought I would tap into some shots from the recent past and some of the 
party faces celebrating Halloween back in NY.

This is also a special post shout out to Liz in her Harpo Marx costume with thanks for her 
winning smile.  Liz contacted me after my original Halloween post expressing disappointment at 
not being included with the comment, 

"I was the Harpo you photographed in Union Square. Any chance of those shots going up, or was 
my face too weird? :P"

What's not to love about such generosity!

Liz, Malcolm and so many others, thank you all so much, Glad Tidings to one and all everywhere!

Happy Days to all!