Under The Hammer

Writing on the Wall
Saying goodbye 5Ptz
Graffiti Trash 5Ptz
Graffiti Train
Clockwork 5Pointz
Autumn leaves 5Pointz
Bleeding Hydrant
Black & White tears 

Tonight, here in NYC at Sotheby's, a whole load of contemporary art is going under the hammer
while last night's sales at Christie's brought in a new high when Francis Bacon's Triptych, keenly 
fought for, went to the successful bidder for $142.4 Million, breaking the record set by Edward Munch's
"Scream."  I can hear the wailing from here . . .

Meanwhile, over in Long Island City in Queens, a warehouse given over to the legal activity of 
city graffiti, raw art that is known as 5Ptz, is also under the hammer. That is, the 
demolition hammer 

The owners seem to have accepted a good price (along with tax breaks etc) from developers who want 
to put up residential towers - sweeping views of NYC skyline including Empire State Building and
Chrysler Building in the one frame!

I am not the first one to venture out there with my camera: we were a veritable little tribe of nods,
winks and aren't we cools! but rumor has it that this is all due to come tumbling down before the 
end of the year. Or at least barricaded and scaffolded with warning notices etc.  Who know's, if I 
keep going out there regularly enough in the months ahead, I might be the last out there with my

For what it's worth, it's a beautiful site.  The glorious armpit of art.  Living, breathing,
everchanging and priceless but going to the highest bidder.  

As Andy Warhol always said, "Got to bring home the Bacon."

(Andy's Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) went way over Sotheby's conservative estimate!)