I Wore Levi’s . . .

Halloween dressers shopping at wholefoods
Blood and bruises on the train
Papal halooween
Debbie with light stripes
NYPD checking texts
Wagging the tail
Jesus in Union Square
Red Cloaks and ermine in New york
Hulk man on cell phone
The Incredible Hulk shows muscle
Miss Piggy shows face
flossy sweet candy lollipops
Tiara woman and nun on train
Alice in the night

Halloween hit the streets of the Big Apple big time the other night which made a change from this
time last year when Hurricane Sandy hit where it.  Big time.

Somewhere in this melee of costume phantasmagoria a parade made its way up Sixth Avenue.  I heard the 
music, saw some of the banners and bones tipping over the tops of the crowd but really, the whole city
was a parade.

Now, however many days later, streets are being barricaded and made ready for tomorrow's
New York City Marathon.  Another parade of endurance, athleticism, colour, panache, human spirit
and individualism . . . it never seems to stop!

Oh, and tonight the clocks here go back which always takes me back to that Seinfeld episode . . .