Life Itself

On the set of "Life Itself" starring . . . 

Tracy Mercer Cameraman taking photo Life Itself Film Crew  Filming Life Itself Morgan Freeman Diane Keaton & Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman, neither of whom looked to be getting on that well at all . . .
but then the film is about a long-time married couple who decide to cash in on the rising value
of the NY apartment they bought back in the day when no-one wanted to live in New York.

I often fantasise about working on a film set - doing what I have no idea but they always seem
to have a certain measure of calm about them with so many people standing around giving the 
appearance of doing not that much at all.  I could do that!

The most stressed persons on the set are the ones on street corners charged with keeping the crowds
at bay just before the cameras are due to roll, like squatting at mosquitos in the
jungle!  They work hard, and here I am guessing, for not much.

So another day of random events in New York City where you turn a corner and run into Diane Keaton
and Morgan Freeman or as the non-English tourist kept asking . . . "Who?"

I wanted to say "Annie Hall!" but why over-egg that pudding!