Sorting It Out

Times Square Hands


More than a few times I read posts written by expert photographers who, when visiting New York,
find themselves in a bit of a conundrum - how to take photos of New York that . . . . haven't been
done before, or rather, get into the nitty gritty of New York street life without taking the typical
NYC tourist shots?  

Wow, set the bar so high!  What shots does that leave us, the poor (un-pro) sods, who live here?  You 
mean we can't go to Times Square (not that we really want to but sometimes you can't avoid it . . .) 
and all those other places on the tourist check list?  And on and on it goes . . .  

Poor tourists, always getting it in the neck but sometimes, just sometimes, they do it to themselves!
I often wish the pros would let go of that hang-up and simply hit the streets clicking. They take great
shots of anything and everything anyway in a style that is all their own, the style and skills which
make them pros in the first place! 

As for this shot taken recently in Times Square, yes, it is out of focus. Either that or my eyesight
is far worse than I thought but I recently came into possession of a new lens (careful what you wish
for . . . .) and I am having to completely re-focus!

And you, lucky dear reader, have been dragged along as I make my way up the steep learning curve. I would
love to do a photography course, getting right back to the nitty gritty but that's not going to happen
anytime soon. $$$ !!!  But then I think, I have the internet, a treasure trove of information and I have 
a blog.  My blog - where I can puddle along and really, do anything with it that I want to and what I
want to do is to keep learning.  To take better photographs!

I am not selling anything here (good luck with that!).  I have no client's expectations to meet (again,
good luck . . . !). I have no restrictions!

The pros can sleep safe at night!

Hoping to see more clearly soon!