Sweet Mary Kay




New Yorkers love their dogs!

They take their pooches everywhere, on leashes and in pouches.  To the park, to 
doggy-daycare and to the beauty parlour where they are shampooed, primped and primed
to perfection.  They wear snow booties and smart vests in winter. And often so much more. 

Waiting to cross the road, I knew I wanted to get some shots of this gorgeous couple.

We were in a tight spot, a narrow construction zone so I had to be quick and make use
of the available space.  This came after all the usual questions you ask yourself
out on the street "Can I get a candid shot or not?" Coming from behind and in such a 
tight space the decision was made for me - I had to ask.  A candid wasn't going to happen.

"Your dog is so cute!  Do you mind if I take some photos?"

"SURE!  Did you hear that Scooter?  The nice lady wants to take some pictures of you!"

And so I met the delightful Mary Kay wearing matching lipstick and nails and who
was more than happy for me to take photos of her alone and with the ever patient

Mary Kay had the most "ad-or-able" voice, in that delightful Carol Channing fashion.

I hope I see her again, she was so sweet and friendly!  Unlike another woman the other
other day with her small ball of fluff "going potty" against a pile of black plastic
garbage bags stacked up on the street. I was busy taking photos of the garbage.  
For a project!

This large commanding woman, straight out of a Gary Larson Far Side cartoon, kept
muttering and I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or to herself. She was looking
my way, sort of.

I gave her what I thought was a polite "are you talking to me?" look - no way my 
camera was going anywhere in her direction, before she hit me with her big voice . . .

"I"M TAWKING TO THE DAWG!"  Pause . . . . "F**K!"

as she walked away shaking her head, a withering look lingering in her wake.

Sweet Mary Kay would never say such a thing!  I don't think . . . 

and such a way to talk in front of her sweet baby!