The Spirit Bus to Washington

Saturday August 24th, 2013, thousands gathered in Washington to commemorate the 50th anniversary 
of the March on Washington, to celebrate and continue the work inspired by Dr Martin Luther King's
call to the nation with his dream of civil rights for all.

The Spirit Bus from New York to Washington

IMG_3847/LorraineBrown/WashMarch/PAF Lorraine Brown, a veteran of the first Civil Rights march on Washington.
 She celebrates her 81st Birthday next month!

IMG_3869/YellowLines/WashMarch/PAF IMG_3876/SocialDemo/WashMarch/PAF IMG_3904/IWasThere/WashMarch/PAF IMG_3926/AllShades/WashMarch/PAF IMG_3932/FatherAndDaughter/PAF IMG_3942/CivilRightsActivist/PAF IMG_3945/CEO/TeacherPay/PAF IMG_3948/HotHair/PAF IMG_3978PrazBoszanova/PAF Praz Boszanova - DC's All Original Music: R & B, Jazz.  
 "Will you take our photo?"
 "Will you sing me a song?" 
 They were good!

IMG_3993/BlackHat/PAF IMG_3994/LiUNA/PAF IMG_4005/LiveFrom Washington/PAF IMG_4009/AHardLife/PAF IMG_4022/SittingRev/PAF IMG_4029/TheLongView/PAF IMG_4047/ObamaFlag/PAF IMG_4087/TakingItIn/PAF IMG_4093/Pressman/PAF IMG_4101/CameraCrowd/PAF IMG_4134/OriginalSign/PAFHis mother marched with this sign 50 years ago . . . 

IMG_4145/PrayerTime/PAF Prayer time . . . 

IMG_4150/JusticeForAll/PAF IMG_4152/StongArms/PAF   

The march was organised by Martin Luther King III and the Rev Al Sharpton of the National Action Network.

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