Having a Heat Wave!

Man looking over shoulder


Tree Hugger

Feeling the Rain on Your Feet

Sending a message in the rain

Fun in the Sun and Rain

Heavy Fifth Ave Rain

And the sun did shine!

All Clear!

Another muggy summer's day here in Gotham with heavy clouds and rain. Temperatures are rising.
Some days the rain falls in heavy bursts only to have all traces of it removed in moments once
the tantrum is over and the sun comes back to play.

The heat however lingers. 

As if to read my mind my iPod tapped into the mood and suddenly I am listening to Marilyn Monroe 
raising the mercury to ninety-three because she started a Heatwave.  Because she can can!

Now Steve Earle is serenading me with City Of Immigrants, of whom I am one!

All of us are immigrants. 

Enjoying the heatwave.

What choice do we have!

What's not to love!

* * * * *