Harlem View

      IMG_2768/EastHarlem View/PAF



IMG_2724/Midtown view of Harlem/PAF


Heavy clouds sat over the city this week.  They are not clouds of cool and very few
refreshing breezes are whistling tunes through the trees.  The humidity is high . . .

No summer holiday this year, no beach with golden sands on which to frolic - which, to tell the 
truth, hasn't happened in a long time but there is certainly something to be said for enjoying 
the freedom of the city in summer.  Which is me doing what I do on any day of the year here in NYC
but with far fewer people, or rather, doing it with the hardy souls who have stayed at home!  

I took these shots from a car park up in East Harlem overlooking the East River, mid-town,
downtown and Queens on one side, and the fabulous streets of Harlem on the other!

Rushing off for now, enjoy your week-end everyone!

* * * * *