Talking Street

Sometimes when I am tired, worn out and feeling like I need a little more torture to make it
all worth the misery, I fall into an internet funk where I find myself browsing through some
of the many sites discussing the noble art of Street Photography.

Do I even think of myself as a street photographer?  Not after reading some of the coda that's
for sure!

For starters, it's all about the gear.  I should quote sources and provide links but it is
another hot summer's day here and I am too lazy to go google and pull up some of the many offerings
for your perusal here.  Trust me, they are out there and not too far away and, for reasons which
will become obvious, I am keeping my head under the radar from the ninja shooters out there 
if only because I am their worst nightmare. . . .

. . . . I shoot with a big ass DSLR, with a big lens. This hurts, and it gets worse. Now that 
"every Mum Mom out there has a DSLR" what cool street shooter wants to be seen looking female and 
middle-aged?  Or worse still, like one of those always put-upon most derided of unfortunates, 
a tourist? 

The ideal gear is something smaller, quieter, like a Leica, which unfortunately is also very
expensive but fear not with the dollars because the Fuji x100s is now the more affordable option.

Full Disclosure - I would love a Fuji x100s but with no money in the kitty I am confined to the 
aisles of fantasy shopping.  Which is also where I go to browse the many different lenses
recommended for street shooting.  The agony of where to spend fantasy money is not to be

If you must use a DSLR for street shooting it is also recommended you duct tape over the brand
names, on the body, lens and the strap, which to me is a little akin to cruising through Detroit
in the truly bad days of active urban deterioration in a Porsche or a Ferrari but with the labels,
treads etc gaffer taped for added security.  I have seen gaffer taped cameras out there, all of 
which tells me some-one has had enough energy, and tape, to cover bits and pieces of his
Canon or Nikon.

Which brings me to another point in the pitch battle out there. . . .

"You're shooting a Canon?  You should be using Nikon!  So much better!"  I have had this
said to me.  By a Nikon user who was more than happy to show me how much better his shots were.

With the right gear one is therefore armed and fully equipped to pursue the shot, remembering
to remain alert and active at all times.  That shot is not going to come to you!

I shoot with my Canon DSLR, and big lens, for the very simple reason that it is all the kit I
have, and all that I could afford then and now.  Sometimes I will sit in a spot for a long time
because the street is not static, it moves and in some of those movements there are moments- 
moments which are fleeting, and other moments of meeting strangers who give not only their
names but their time to such expansive moments which fill in the streets. Moments which make us 
all more than mere strangers in passing.

But what, I hear you ask, if I don't feel comfortable shooting people, let alone strangers?  
This is a discussion, along with the other hot topic "to pay, or not to pay?" for another day, 

(when I recover from my bout of the blogging boo-hoo's - a collection of questions based on a 
case load of doubts, as in "what to blog about, why am I bothering to blog/shoot so many photos, 
who cares, do I care etc etc???" Please, this is not a cry for help and no response necessary!) 

but do feel free to kickstart conversation!

Please note, blogging boo-hoo's not at all helped with SLOW WPressing my way through comments,
likes on your wonderful blogs and having to log in again, and again . . . 

Some shots -

I took the above shot with my iphone.  He has a small, discrete camera but the kids outside
the frame gave him a hard time. "You trying to take our picture? Not going to happen!"

Wendell with hassidic boys in Union sq
Wendell, the one on the left, is Union Square famous.  One day, I was sitting around with my Big A** DSLR
in my lap when he asked me if I wanted "to take a photo of him, just a few dollars."  I said sure, and
assured him that my rates were reasonable enough.  "What," he screamed, "you mean I pay you? No, you 
pay ME!"

Afro Comeback
Just thought I would pop this one in!

Talking T-Shirts
Going underground with talking T-Shirts and a Whole Lotta Love.

On that happy note, happy week-end everyone and keep cool.  Or warm, wherever you are!

* * * * *