It Was Meant to be Peaceful

Until it wasn't . . . 

IMG_1534/Snatched and grabbed IMG_1545/NYPD hancuffs IMG_1560/Arrested IMG_1564/NYPD arresting protestor IMG_1567/NYPD arresting protestor IMG_1571/NYPD riot cop IMG_1576/NYPD truncheon IMG_1601/NYPD have protestor on ground IMG_1604/Protestor held down on ground by NYPD

IMG_1614/Protestor being held under arrest by NYPD
What began as a peaceful protest at the news of George Zimmerman's acquittal in the shooting of 
Trayvon Martin ended for some in being arrested.

For nothing less than being in the crowd.

An earlier rally and march in Harlem passed peacefully.  As did the march from Union Sq to 
Times Sq but at some time the NYPD decided enough was enough.  That point came at the intersection
of Park Ave and 71st, and again at 79th and Second Ave when the wall of NYPD stopped the crowd 
and reached in to take their pick. A snatch and grab.

The photos here are straight out of camera, some as blurry as all hell but that's camera shake
for you - the shake of the shock that this should suddenly be happening. The shake of the shock
that these kids standing next to me did nothing wrong. The shock that this could be me getting 
arrested and if so easily for others, why not me?

I have photos of the protest which brought traffic to a standstill in Times Sq, and on Fifth Ave
and everywhere else but they don't come with the sounds of horns being honked, and honked, 
in support for what was the peaceful protest seeking justice for the death of Trayvon Martin.