Outside Looking In

It is 4th July, fireworks are rumbling out there in the far distance and I should love to show you
some spectacular shots but . . . that's not going to happen.  Instead of celebrating with family 
and friends, all of whom happen to live in other countries, we have had a quiet evening at home
on the sofa catching up with Game of Thrones.  

At times I feel as though we might be missing out on a Ralph Lauren /Tommy Hilfiger lifestyle
fashion shoot of celebrating with family and friends and firing up the grill but hey, this is 
New York, city of immigrants, of whom I am one.  

And protestors!  

Independence Day to me is a little like Thanksgiving, celebrations of a rich cultural heritage 
which have me more than a little on the outside looking in but that's OK because while I am on the 
outside looking in I enjoy watching you have all the fun!  

The clock has just ticked over into the 5th but Happy 4th July everyone.  Hope it was a good one!

Protestors waiting at Wall ST IMG_0425 IMG_0432 IMG_0454 IMG_0461 IMG_0492 IMG_0522 IMG_0550 IMG_0556 IMG_0569 IMG_0571 IMG_0578 IMG_0598 IMG_0601 IMG_0605

The bulk of the above photos were taken at a rally to "Restore the Fourth" protest against the NSA down
at Federal Hall on Wall Street, which considering how hot it was today, passed quite peacefully and
without conflict.  

A day for keeping it cool.

* * * * *