This One’s For Edie!

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It has been a funny week, so far, for women but Edie Windsor, 83, finally managed to get the tables
turned on DOMA - Defense of Marriage Act, when the Supreme Court ruled yesterday that married
same-sex couples were entitled to federal benefits.

Senator Wendy Davis stood on her feet in the Texas State Capitol and filibustered for over 11 hours
in an effort to turn down Gov Rick Perry's proposal that would shut down the state's abortion clinics.
Wendy, a teenage mother, somehow managed to get herself out of the trailer park and off to Harvard
Law School eventually becoming a Democrat senator representing a conservative county.

Meanwhile, Julia Gillard, ex Prime Minister of Australia, was dumped as was Paula Deen from the
Food Network and other sponsorship deals, one of which was Walmart.  That must hurt!

And how could I possibly forget the gift who just keeps on giving, the incredible Michele Bachmann
who in her final term of Congress, denounced the Supreme Court's decision on DOMA in the statement

"Marriage was created by the hand of God.  No man, not even a Supreme Court, can undo what a holy 
God has instituted."

As Nancy Pelosi famously replied. "Who cares?"

Meanwhile, down on Christopher St in Greenwich Village it was street party time with the 
Stonewall Inn featuring as the bright candle on the celebratory cake.

Welcome to the wonderful world of marriage everyone!  The playing field of sexual politics
and power is now well and truly level.  Marriage, no longer gender-based, becomes the issue 
it was always meant to be - one of human rights!

 * * * * *