Happy Frank

A Good Life

Sorting through my photos (ie deleting, labelling, cropping and the like) I came across this 
shot of Frank which I took two years ago in a bar in the middle of nowhere Nevada.  The town,
Beatty, is at the end, or the beginning, of the road which takes you through Death Valley.  I have
posted about it before, way back in the early days where the cobwebs have now settled and I am
too lazy to find the link and post you back to it but it's here/there somewhere . . .

I haven't always lived in New York. I have lived in many places, some of which can safely be
described as the middle of nowhere.  Yet Frank is everywhere.  We are all of us everywhere 
and, truth be told, anywhere is only as exciting as we choose to make it.

New York, New Jersey, Nevada, places far and wide and in between, it's sort of all the same to me.
I take my hat off to Frank, one of the happiest people it has been my pleasure to know. That a 
simple photograph should bring back a lifetime of memories . . .

If you are ever out that way you can find Frank, and his friend, in the Happy Burritos Chili Bar!

* * * * * 

EDIT:  Courtesy of www and Flickr sharing, where would I be without it when I am too lazy to
toddle into Google for checking up loose memories, but the place to go in Beatty is -


Rumour has it Frank is now with his daughter in another town.  Rumour also sent a salute from Frank,
see Comments below for link, another view of Frank in fine form! 

* * * * *