Family, A Force of Nature

Family and Friends

As many photographs as it is possible to take with a digital camera, I am always more than a little
flummoxed at times as to how many to show in a post.  Sometimes the narrative sets the tone with a 
series of photos telling something of a story.  Or so it is hoped.

And just when I think I have a narrative in development - this was going to be all about the fabulous
"HAIR" out there on the streets, I stumbled upon this recent shot which could have qualified as a hair
shot, maybe, but then I thought these dudes are far more than the sum of their hair.  (Aren't we all?)

But here's the thing about this shot.  I don't have a vivid memory of taking it . . . it sits quietly
between two bursts of street performances, those squeaky doors which get all the attention and which 
most likely will stay in the dark of the hard drive.

I could go on and on about taking the hand that reaches out, that we are all a part of the collective
force of nature that is family and friends . . . but I won't!

We can Carpe Diem all we want but sometimes it is a moment which seizes us, only to disappear in the 
fine star-dust of distant memory.

In which case, how many photos are too many photos?

                                                * * * * *