Rockaway, Six Months After Sandy

IMG_5077/Surfer/RockawayBeach/PA*F IMG_5089/USFlag/RockawayBeach/PA*F IMG_5090/Boardwalk/Rockaway Beach/PA*F IMG_5096/Rockaway Beach Construction/PA*F IMG_5100/Pipes, Planks, Rockaway Beach /PA*F IMG_5108/blossom tree, Rockaway Beach. PA*F IMG_5113/Mary Statue with Bulbs. PA*F IMG_5114/apartments, Statue of Mary with Bulbs, PA*F IMG_5116/Rockaway Beach cottages behind wire fence. PA*F IMG_5118/Cat on sidewalk in Rockaway.  PA*F IMG_5120 House with broken windows Rockaway  IMG_5121 Cats on verandah of old Rockaway house.  PA*F IMG_5125 Abandoned house with bed bug sign Rockaway PA*F IMG_5127 IMG_5128 God Bless Community sign in Rockaway.  PA*F IMG_5129 Statues of Mary in garden Rockaway IMG_5131 Shopping strip and parking lot Rockaway.  PA*F IMG_5132 Pharmacy and parking lot Rockaway.  PA*F IMG_5133 Key Food grocery store and parking lot, Rockaway.  PA*F IMG_5134 Stores and parking lot, Rockaway.  PA*F IMG_5137 Man smoking man walking near closed storefronts Rockaway.  PA*F IMG_5143 Ice Cream cycle wagon in Rockaway. PA*F  

The middle of a grey



                             out in

                                    Rockaway . . . . .  

                                                       . . . . .