Kicking Back . . .


So many people come to New York City with exhausting lists of things to do, places to see, 
shows to catch. Restaurants, diners, cafes and bars to eat and drink at. Museums, galleries
and exhibitions around town that absolutely must be seen.  Then of course there's the 
shopping . . . my move to NY sparked off many comments of expressed envy at the phantasmagoria
of shopping opportunities ahead of me in this fabulous city.  Sad to say however, I am not a great

My number one recommendation for what to do here in NYC?  Give yourself a break and do absolutely


Stop..... Relax..... Sit down and kick back!

New York City is blessed with green spaces and park benches, ring side seats at one of the best
shows in town - not only watching the world go by but becoming part of that world, part of the
never-ending tableaux putting meat on the bones of the city streets.

Regular readers know by now of my love affair with Union Square which I visited for the first time,
on my first visit to NYC, in October 2001, when the city was still so raw from the events of 9/11.

Crowds had gathered in candlelight vigils and as eerily quiet as the surrounding streets were,
one felt here the pulse of the city, still beating with a sense of passion and care.  A safe place
in an unknown world.  A place I have come to know where stories and anecdotes fall like leaves
from an autumnal tree, where the traumas and joys of life, love and the universe are tossed
and discussed in bonds of friendship.

A place in the world which feels like  . . .  home.

Have a wonderful week-end everyone!

UPDATE:  My grateful thanks to the wonderful Justin Vivian Bond for gracious confirmation at having
been caught unawares in the spring sunshine of Union Square!

After all this talk of doing nothing I highly recommend hightailing it to any one of V's shows, details 
available on the link above!  I still get goosebumps when I think of the heartbreak performance
that was Jukebox Jackie at La MaMa . . .