Abstract Reality

Some time ago the amazing and talented Terry S Amstutz, aka mobius faith imaging took a storm 
photograph of mine and blew life back into the scene, creating within the reality of the
abstract shapes a fluidity of time, motion and the danger that was Hurricane Sandy.

Terry's photos and subsequent abstractions of the faded glories of Akron Ohio's industrial 
and manufacturing past have evolved, in his words, "far beyond the reality represented in 
the original image."

Through the peeling and constantly evolving layers of decay and destruction we see, 
or don't see, acknowledging it as we do in a passing nod to the frictions of the past
and progress, a fascinating kaleidoscope of realities.  Like time itself.  Always on the move.

Thank you Terry for your wonderful creative vision which, for me at least,
renders the abstract into a reality of surprise and awe!  Or, should that be the other
way around . . . .?

Go take a look!


 One Way