My wonderful friend Tom Wisk is tangled up in the itch and scratch drama that is . . . bedbugs!

Any help, advice, experience, tales to tell, there is a happy ending to this experience we all
fear and dread would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!


Before we get too far into this, you’re asking yourself why is Tom addressing a blog to me and who are the other two people? Why you? You’re readers of my blog, possibly the only ones. And you probably have more followers than I do. This won’t cost money, only a bit of time. I want you to reblog this post. After that you’re done and have my eternal gratitude. Here is the post, read it through if you don’t want to reblog okay, I’ll live.

I’ve been told that I’m very intelligent, there’s a pause, and it’s followed by “But you’re not that smart.” This has brought on a conceit tied up with an inability to get all facts I need. The problem at hand is I have bed bugs. I’m stressed beyond the normal level I generate for myself. I will list the facts as close to the…

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