Merry Christmas!

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Apologies for the blurriness but I find night lights exciting and hypnotic, be they Christmas
lights or otherwise, and what started out as a recent rainy night in Soho was no exception.

The cold rain battered down upon the lens and I suppose I should have cared more than I did
but I didn't.  I would be leaving New York for London the following day and these clicks, and so 
many more, were my Christmas farewell kisses of missing to this wonderful, crazy city.

Yes, they are blurry and splattered in patches of rain.  They are not perfect.  Life is not perfect.

Christmas, the mother lode of expectations, is forever far from perfect and life passes by in a blur 
but we are a resilient species programmed in the way of hopes and dreams.

I dream of taking better photographs! And writing that novel.  And being a better person. . . 

My family? They're hungry and hoping I will stop soon and cook supper. They know there is a
feast awaiting - bangers and mash, with as much tomato ketchup as their little hearts desire.

Thank you all so much for making my spirits bright throughout these pages with your generosity
of fabulousness.  It has been such a treat to meet so many talented and generous people both out 
there in the streets and here in the world of the www.

Merry Christmas and so many best wishes to you all!