Rockaway Sands

My last visit to Rockaway was in summer, when the sun shone over a boardwalk 
stretching forever into the rising light of day.
Super Storm Sandy blew it away.

The streets of Rockaway, hit by waves of water and sand, are a mess.  The high 
water levels have only just gone down.  

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Alice, pictured above. She was on her
way to collecting her young daughter from school.  I loved her lipstick and
we talked about the healing powers of this magic potion combined with the
fresh delicate fragrance of her perfume.  She is keeping it together.  She has 
to.  "For my daughter!"

Alice told me about the rising waters of the night Sandy hit the Rockaways,
the destruction of which brought back memories of 9/11 for her. 

The cleaning and the clearing is a huge job.  Bleach and Clorox, gloves and heavy 
plastic bags - there are never enough.

Occupy Sandy has a mountain of clothes but winter is setting in.  Food vans provide
for locals otherwise shops and services are in the same flooded boat.

This is New York, not as Leslie (not pictured) said some God forsaken war-torn zone
in another part of the world where the US spends good money bombing the hell out of 
it.  This is nature's war zone, how much worse it must be to live in one of paid 
spending for military destruction.  Leslie was sweet, quietly spoken and grateful,
as indeed was Alice, for the aid from strangers which is pouring in to Rockaway
from various church groups, the Red Cross and Occupy Sandy.

Alice and I parted with a very generous helping of blessings from her. On behalf 
of Alice, I pass them on to you.