Meet Some People!

Meet D. and JD.  They drove all the way from Missouri, called by ConEd, to help with the 
Sandy clean up.
What do they think of New York?  "It's such a friendly place!"
Above and below, at rest and work.


More faces and downtown places . . . 

John, from Albany.  "It's gonna take some time!"

A.  "I'm just so happy to be working."

These shots were all taken in the same batch as the two previous posts. One day, I might get to sit
down with the photoshop to trim, crop, shadow, highlight etc etc but that's not going to happen
this week.

Today is Election Day in the US and I am torn between wanting to sit in front of the television - 
MSNBC is broadcasting live from Democracy Plaza (aka the Rockefeller Centre), and going out with 
my camera. Whatever I do today, I get to vote!

Meanwhile, the clean up in the North East continues.  For now the sun is shining.  It is a 
beautiful day here but a Northeaster is due to blow through tomorrow bringing with it
more heavy rain and some snow . . .

Until then, happy voting! You pay your taxes, no choice about that, but voting?  The choice 
is all yours!

. . . . .