Underground Hip-Hop Scene

Saturday, November 3.
Not all the trains are back and running in NYC after Sandy blew through but enough are now running to ease
some of the pressure.

Today I went exploring downtown, around Wall St at South St and it is a mess, albeit a very contained mess.  
Contractors are working around the clock to drain water, restore electricity and remove the debris.
Generators chug away and gasoline fumes pinch the eyes and sink into the skin.

As much as I wanted to stay down there all day I couldn't.  So I made my way back to Brooklyn Bridge 
Station, sat on a bench and waited for the next train.  These three young men sat beside me.  
I have seen them before, I know what they do!  Could I take a photo of them, please?  They obliged!

The train arrived and it was entertainment express all the way to Union Square!

You have to love this crazy town!  clichéd?  You bet, but you know what they say about clichés . . .

To all the disappointed marathon runners in town, most of whom were running for charity anyway, bad luck
about the botched planning but you can still run around town, have some fun, donate some blood, help
out at a food bank and entertain everyone nuts for the rest of your lives about the time you were 
meant to run in the NYC Marathon but for the hurricane, the mayor's indecision etc etc.  It's great 
to have you here and there will always be next year but for now you're here, it's New York and it's
Saturday Night!

And you don't have to get up early in the morning!!!

Ride that train!