Power to the trees

Today was a day of so many sights around town.  I often find myself overwhelmed at how
to arrange the incredible assortment of images which hit in short bursts of time and
space. Hardly the biggest problem in the world . . .

This was the scene this morning on 42nd St.  These residents from the Lower East Side and the 
East Village are still without power, hot water and heating. Monday night, (was it Monday night . . . ?) 
power stations downtown East and West went sparky and Dolby and blew the fuses in a big way.
The weather here is getting colder and no-one has any idea when power will be restored below 39th St.

Starbucks etc are crowded with lines out the door for coffee and re-charging but here, ever resourceful,
the solution is green and organic!

Perhaps you are all Sandy'd out with media coverage of the event but these images from The Atlantic
are so quietly overwhelming . . .

Camera and iPhone.

. . . . .