Waiting for Sandy . . .

What to say? ย At the moment it is eerily quiet, the view is disappearing and the 
East River is rising.

The FDR, six lanes of expressway, is closed to traffic apart from NYPD patrols
sending foot traffic to higher ground.  So far it has yet to stop the joggers
and the sight-see'ers.  Schools are closed, the children are having a ball!

Broadway is closed as are parks and Mayor Bloomberg is advising the good citizens
of Gotham to stay hunkered in.  I am listening to the radio, WNYC.  I can't cope
with the noise and panic of television broadcasts.  It's enough with the winds and 
the sirens which pierce the peace and the quiet.

It is now raining.

These photos straight out of camera, with a fair degree of camera shake!

Stay safe and best wishes everyone!  Only another 36 hours to go . . .

. . . . .