Go Detroit Tigers!

Detroit Wrangle

Part 1

Old Central Station Detroit

And Go SF Giants!

I tried so hard to engage in last night's third Presidential debate, honestly, but my
brain was feeling like porridge.  It just wasn't happening for me.  

My heart was in San Francisco where the SF GIants defeated the St Louis Cardinals for a 
place in the World Series against the Detroit Tigers.  Please, I don't want to get into
the dynamics of world domination in a series which sees each baseball game played 
within the borders of the US and, to explain it to you fully, I would have to go into 
Google's depths for all the information.  And if I can do that, so can you! I don't wish 
to sound mean hearted, it's just the porridge talking . . .

To tell you the truth, I am not even the biggest sports fan but I am a big fan of Detroit!
And San Francisco! To have spent time in both cities during times of rabid excitement when
bat meets ball meets glove is to have experienced the raging pulse of passionate fandom.

But these photos, all Detroit, are such a small part of the bigger picture which is a big 
beating heart and soul of spirit and pride.

This is going to be a great World Series (I can't believe I just said that . . . ).  

Two gritty teams from two great cities, both winners already!