Union Square Love Letter.

Union Square, NYC, Friday afternoon. 

Sunshine with the first of the season's chill winds nipping through the air

and the thrill of the completely unexpected waiting in the Square.

One space, one simple collection of maybe thirty minutes in time.

How to make sense of such a jumble?  Why even bother trying?

It's life. It get's thrown at us and we live it on so many different levels.

We all ride the merry-go round.  Together and here we go!

(and maybe grab a pair of sunglasses before continuing . . . )

                      ~ ~ ~

                                            ~ ~ ~

   I could stop here, keep it pink and keep it simple but then I noticed . . . Holly!

   (and let's not forget, this is Union Square, where everyone is family!)

   Music provided by the wonderful phunky Pink Puffers, a brass band from San Lorenzo and if you
   get the chance to enjoy their music, grab it!

   Holly is an artist and if you ever get the opportunity to enjoy her company, well, I shall leave 
   that up to you!

   Enjoy the ride!

                                            . . . . .