Sliding Doors



So why bother posting it?

There is so much talk about the mechanics and ethics of street photography what with rights and 
respect of privacy, the snatching of a stranger's image.  But this photo, to me, presents the other
side of the equation.  I was the one minding my own business.

I came out of the dentist, tired and grumpy, and stepped into the elevator on the 15th Floor where 
this man was standing in the corner.  My big camera was over my shoulder, lens cap on, settings
set for the bright sunshine outside.

"Hey," he smiled, "you want to take my photo!"

Never one to say no to such an invitation I worked quickly to turn it all on, turn up the ISO, 
change this and change that before the door opened on the 14th floor where he was getting out.

It all happened in a moment and this was the pose I managed to get. It is crooked, badly lit, you 
name it, but I like his smile and I enjoyed his care-free exuberance.

The generosity of a stranger.

He made my day!