Here We Go Again Punks!


Occupy Wall Street once again took to the streets of downtown Manhattan to celebrate the 
first year anniversary of addressing the financial and social problems wrought in recent 
times by certain banks and institutions riding the wild west all the way to their holes in 
the wall.
The people who gathered in huge numbers are the public faces of what many write off as a
movement without leadership, strategy or structure.  And with all the rabble rousing,
what has it achieved?

We're still talking about it and somewhere, in the deep dark depths of OWS there are faces, 
names, strategies, budgets, you name it.

The problems didn't happen overnight, solutions to such will not happen overnight.

The right to vote (men, women, blacks and whites), civil rights, women's rights, equal pay,
gay rights, religious freedom . . . 

The right and duty to care.  How hard does it have to be?