Gotham City Night Lights




I have been busy reading so many interesting bits and bobs on the art of Street Photography and 
I have to tell you, I am overwhelmed . . .

So much of what I read almost has me wanting to hang up my camera - it's not the right one, or rather the
lens isn't the right one.  Too big. Not wide enough which is vital for bringing the viewer into the street 
and so much more. 

And this is just the camera!  The photos come next.  They have to be Black & White, colour is too 
distracting.  Crowds are messy creatures, focus on one person and so much more.

So much for my street cred!  Not to mention the blissful freedom of wandering the streets and shooting in 
the dark.  Whatever the camera.

Street life, we're all in it together!

. . . . . .