Window Shopping

Street reflection

It is years since I have taken any photographs using film.  It felt like shooting in the dark and I can't 
tell you how many times I looked down at the back of the camera to check every shot.  Hang on, 
yes I can tell you - 36 times! 

Do you remember that lovely whirring sound of the camera's mechanics as you press the shoot button, 
hearing the image click into place, for better or worse, with the film rolling from one frame to the next?

And do you remember the anticipation of collecting the envelope of developed shots?  The agony? Here I 
must admit to some slight economy of truth - I handed over the roll, with pre-emptive embarrassment, as 
something I had found hanging around . . . 

"Hangin' around, huh?" asked the lovely man behind the counter, like he hasn't heard that one a hundred
times before . . . 

Which was half the truth.  The film, bought years ago, had sat in the dark of a deep drawer and with 
nothing to lose except maybe some pride and a few dollars I loaded up the old Canon and took it out into
the ISO 125 light of day.

I snapped this backward glance on one of the avenues here in New York, a reflection of a moment passing 
quickly into time, but a moment sitting in the dark of my camera, waiting patiently to reach the magic 
number of 36. . . 

. . .  .