L.A. Retro

Red convertible Venice beach
Or, as could be re-titled, I went to LA and found the Dude!

But that was last year.  Here now in the high summer heat of New York City I have been hit with an attack
of the blog lazies.  My recent photos feel dull, lifeless and without purpose but surprisingly, I am feeling OK 
about this.  I cannot change the weather but I can adapt, go with it, sit back in the shade and enjoy the
languid heat that pulses throughout the city in a summer's days and nights.  

In doing so I am hoping to organise my photo files.  They are a mess!  Lurking in this mess are some surprises.  
Was it really twelve months ago that I was in Venice Beach when to me it has always been a case of the "not so 
long ago . . . ?" I also remember the disappointment of not getting a better shot of this car, of wanting it to 
stay still as it cruised through the fabulous grottiness that is Venice Beach behind which sit elegant 
houses along shady stretches of canals.

I took the photo and put it away for another day. . . .