Men on Madison

It might be hot in the city but these men are cool!

I was rushing to an appointment (the dentist, if you must know . . . ) when I was most happily distracted by the following visions of summer loveliness walking down, and near, Madison Avenue.  Allow me to introduce you!

First is Patrick – he was off to hear a reading of a musical by a talented friend who has worked on a musical for the past twenty years.   “He is just so talented but lacking in chutzpah  . . . I mean he would never leave his house dressed like this!”

Running late and resisting the urge to tag along to the reading with Patrick I saw Constantine!  How could I allow such a gentleness of sartorial splendour to pass me by?

George, delighted by my request to photo him in Constantine’s wake!

and Marvin, leaning against the wall of Barneys. Marvin had a great smile, trust me! I just didn’t get it in the short space of time!

Thank you all kind gentlemen for your generosity and time, lovely to have met you!

iPhone rush shots!