table and chair in light

Print on wall

Seeing over the curve

Stone mantel

Fireplace and mantle


Art Deco dining

Looking glass

“Chasing the light through endless tunnels for an answer to the never-ending question “Where are you from?”  Upon reflection, there are  times I hardly know where I am, let alone where I am from but for the moment I am from here, wherever that happens to be!”

Leaving behind the existential angst of reflecting whereabouts, I took these shots in the first and last few hours of brief time spent recently in London.  From Sunday evening supper at The Albion in Islington – I did take moodie foodie shots of the finished plates but really, those plates belong in only one place and that’s a dishwasher, to coffee at the Book Club in Shoreditch the following morning after which we wandered through Westland London with its maze of reclaimed architectural antique fittings and furniture, all housed in the church once upon a time known as St Michael’s.

It all passed too quickly but it was a pleasure rush of unplanned dash and discover.  In between the inevitable rain showers that is fast becoming summer in the UK.  And now I want to live in a loft in Shoreditch (the day before it was a terrace house in Islington) but then I remember wanting to do the same in Detroit.  Sweet Detroit, please know how much I still want to live in a loft in your great downtown!

Back in NY, the evening light hits the looking glass which sits on the floor because I am too lazy to put it up on the wall.  Yet another fundamental question lurks in the air –

“What’s for dinner? . . . .”