Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Sarah Jessica Parker hosted a fundraiser at her house down in Greenwich Village for the re-election campaign of Barack Obama. She had the idea “Hey, let’s invite that guy, the President, to dinner here!”  And he said,  “Yes!”  Some people make some things sound just so . . .easy! Putting simple thought into action!

Guests paid $40,000 a ticket to sup and shmooze.  My keen photographic eye identified, well after the event and only after downloading, one Michael Kors while the blurry shot of Meryl (Streep!) came about after bumping into her as she left the party. A more aggressive photographer than I shall ever be gently pushed me out of her way and up against Meryl’s soft summer arm.  I begged forgiveness.  As indeed one does which also meant I was too late to get the shot.  The better shot.  Blurry Meryl is available only on request.

The atmosphere down in the Village was full of summer evening fun!  Actually, it was almost like a re-union!  All the familiar faces of the NYPD but at a garden party.  But what would a political fundraiser be without . . . a protest or two.  And it had been going so well for so long before I chanced upon a penned in group of Republican protestors on 7th Ave who were really very quiet and very smiley.  In that Mitt fashion.  They didn’t stay out long. They were gone by the time night fell.  This left a vacancy which some protestors from Occupy Wall Street! promptly filled.  That they took so long!  A true re-union.  Alas however you don’t mess with Democrat Obama supporters happy to be mingling in the street, partying by proxy with the heavy threat of pending Mitt clouds and expect arousals of support here in the Village where night time is party time.  With Freedom of Speech however there is always room to make yourself at home and be heard.  Or shouted down. Or booed.  Or ignored.

My source ie I asked a departing guest how the evening went and she was happy to tell me it was all wonderful!  Very positive and seemed to do very well on the fundraising.  From a guest list of 40 people!

Photos straight from me to you in all their unedited glory!

Ladies looking like "Sex and the City"

Man in car waving

Baby in sling being carried by father in New York street

Michael Kors wearing dark suit and sunglasses at Obama fundraiser in New York

Marquee checklist for party

Star turn for lady in street

Smiling NYPD cop in white shirt

Open window with little boy standing

President's car with flag and NYPD

NYPD cops outside Fedora Restaurant Greenwich Village

Street scene with NYPD special forces

Greenwich Village street with lone unicyclist

Police Chief NYPD with Secret Service NYC street

Cute NYPD cop grinning in NYC street

NYPD bikes on street with onlookers

NYPD parked outside busy outdoor NYC restaurant

Night sky NYPD looking up in street

Night view of Freedom Tower NYC

I remember earlier in the afternoon overhearing a comment out on the street with regard to all the spectators lined up for the motorcade “How do all these people know what’s going on here?”  That she even needed to ask!  The New York Times has been full of information!  If I had more energy I would provide links etc but this is the internet,  Google etc is a quick link away. I can’t help but think how much it cost the city of New York in providing the heavy security – streets blocked off, choppers in the sky, police time.  Plus poor Matthew Broderick (husband of Sarah Jessica Parker for those who don’t know and too lazy to Google) who is supposed to be treading the boards in his Broadway show “Nice Work if You Can Get It”  apparently took the night off.  Plenty of cheap tickets were available from Half Tix for tonight’s performance.

And here I was thinking the show had to go on!  Indeed, nice work if you can get it!

Later Edit:  According to the Daily News Matthew Broderick was a no-show at the dinner. The show did go on with him in the spotlight.  What a trooper!