An Arresting Day on Wall Street

An Arresting Day on Wall Street

Today’s Spring Training for Occupy Wall Street down at Liberty Square had a little more momentum to it than in previous weeks.  A more buoyant crowd, less with the training and more into the let’s go march down to Wall Street.  Now!  And they did!

But there was something a little off-kilter with the reception down at Wall St.  The NYPD were there in more moderate numbers than seemed to be the case from the week before but I imagine a healthy presence from the SWAT team more than made up for numbers.  An added bonus to the scene this week was that of Hipster Cop, NYPD Detective Rick Lee.

The action of the afternoon took place around the steep steps of Federal Hall from where one poor sod channeling his inner Hunter S Thompson was taken aside on suspicion of possessing marijuana.  Fear and loathing spread in equal measures across those steps as the suspect pleaded innocence to questioning from cops straight from central casting.  For The Terminator.  He was let go.  Eventually.

Less fortunate was the photographer Accra Shepp who has documented the Occupation from the get go with skill, talent and precision from his large format camera.  He was never going to be able to get out of the way of that wall of badged blue which sweeps its way down the street in an effort to clear the sidewalk folks, clear the sidewalk!  As they funnel the sidewalk into a contained and congested kettled mass.  Accra, in custody for at least 12 hours will be fine, but his camera is a piece of true beauty and I am so hoping it is somewhere in safe keeping until Accra is released.

Here are some shots from the day. No cropping, no editing, no enhancing, no time, no energy.  True raw!

Shall we go back to the beginning?

Fear and loathing . . .

Against the wall . . .

Faces making way through crowd . . .

The arrest of Accra Shepp

with more to come . . .

And here is  . . .Hipster Cop!

Ten people were arrested today.  I leave you with a shot from last week, Accra and his camera at work.