Journey through time

Journey Through Time

Not so long ago we drove from LAX across California to the Mojave Desert.  With a vague notion as to which direction we needed to go and knowing we had a cheap hotel room booked somewhere towards the far horizon we headed east. Before we knew it we were on the old Route 66.  As usual, we forgot to pack  the maps but, always happy to add to the growing collection back at home, we bought another one somewhere along the way, sat back and enjoyed the journey with most of the photos taken from the passenger seat if only because, as usual, the hotel was further way than we thought.  It was in Arizona, over the Colorado River from the casino town of Laughlin in Nevada where we went for dinner. Laughlin is a story for another time but the breathtaking silence and beauty of the Mojave is a journey in to the gentle whispers of time.

Here are some photographs of the journey through the time that was once a golden age of motoring on the fabulous but now faded Route 66.

Desert Inn