International Women’s Day – New York Style!

International Women’s Day – New York Style!

Are you confused by the recent Republican probing into women’s reproductive rights?  I know I am.  I am so confused I think sometimes I have bungee-jumped into a time warp where I am now back in the grim dark days of unwanted pregnancy, or fear of pregnancy.  Nothing to do with me but everything to do with my mother.

Every Saturday afternoon, (a slight exaggeration but this is how it felt!) we would go to our local church for the ultimate mother daughter bonding experience – the sacrament of confession!  My father and many brothers always managed to be elsewhere in the character building pursuit of sports while we engaged in the process of asking Father Parish to forgive our sins, a whole week’s worth!  My sins “I was catty and unkind, I was disobedient and  told fibs  . . .”  always merited a don’t do it again and say three Hail Mary’s which seemed fair enough to me.  My mother however always seemed to be a little more troubled when she came out of the confessional. A woman with watery eyes at the best of times, which I later recognised as eyes of utter exhaustion, red rims framed her salty ponds. Her sin, I later learned, was in denying her husband his conjugal rights.

The love my mother and father had for each other was never in doubt, nor did we as children suffer the agonies of the unwanted.  We were a Good Catholic Family, one amongst millions!  And my parents contributed to the growing numbers.  Forget the difficult pregnancies, the tortured labours and nervous breakdowns.  We said rosaries, lit candles, said novenas and lived as best we could with a depressed mother thinking all the time how blessed and extra special we were because suffering was so up there on the cross with Christ and his beloved mother Mary!

In my fumblings of faith and confusion there was one fact about Jesus that stood out above all –  he was an only child!  Which wasn’t the Catholic way at all!  Just ask GOP candidate Rick Santorum who waves his finger in a no, no, no about that C-Word . . .  contraception!

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This Saturday past, in recognition of International Women’s Day, a group gathered together to march from Union Square down to Liberty Plaza, aka Zuccotti Park.

Enough with the words, here are some photos – SOOC!

The march down Broadway . . .

The Pink Ladies on the March, something to see!

More observers . . .

Hmmm, love to know what these observers are thinking about the marchers coming towards them . . .

But hey, this is Soho, Saturday afternoon and the sun is shining and the crowds are out! What’s not to love!

We are family!

Thoughts in the air?

Welcome to Liberty Plaza / Zuccotti Park!

Miss Butterfly of Liberty Plaza!

This wonderful woman, with her smile and in her wheelchair, came in from Queens with sandwiches for the marchers . . .

Miss Butterfly with her summons – her wings obstructed the sidewalk, amongst other citations to do with skates etc

Happy Every Day Every One!