Art Crawling Around the Bowery

Art Crawling Around the Bowery

An Art Crawl! With drinks! Hard to resist!  Yesterday, ARTLOG and THRILLEST presented the fifth annual Lower East Side Bowery Art Crawl where at each gallery we were given brief introductory presentations on the works of the artists.  With drinks . . .

I would so love to talk the talk that goes with ART  but I can’t.  I am, however, more than happy to listen to those who talk with the confidence so vital to this topic, snippets of which included “the ongoing dialogue between deconstruction of objects and the construction of form . . . “

The bonus presentation was at Salon 94 where the artist, Jon Kessler, did indeed provide dialogue to The Blue Period.  Why blue paint?  Because green doesn’t sell.

Inspiration for this installation came from sitting on the subway, watching as most other passengers absorbed themselves in the wireless world of mobile communication. Or Farmville.  His use of surveillance cameras in this stunning piece of work brought us all into the shared space where we became the art.  In the artist’s attempt to reclaim the space.

Whose space is being reclaimed, I wondered, as I wandered about the Bowery and the surrounding streets where art galleries are taking over from what was once a sausage factory here, once a refrigerator warehouse there.  The Bowery, infamous for so long as that part of town belonging to the homeless, the punks and the wanderers who might fill the beds at night in one of the many SRO’s along the way.  Home to the Man in the Box. It was also the place where old restaurants went to die. You want to buy second, third-hand catering equipment?  The Bowery was the place to go and there are still some hold-out places spilling their stainless steel out on to the broad footpaths. Next door to lighting emporiums and the new hotels.  With a Whole Foods taking up what feels like a whole block just around the corner.

And now so many new art galleries. Young artists, older artists.  There is so much art down there and this is but one section of the city among so many others.

The turn out for this event was impressive.  How much that had to do with the wine and Grolsch at each stop I couldn’t possibly say. It was disappointing to have to turn down the offer of the free cocktail at the After Party but I had my own date for the night. Mr Phlinstone was waiting for me to come home and cook his steak.

In the spirit of the crawl I am posting pictures without labels, letting the art speak for itself . . .  to you!

And, if you had the choice, which of these would you want hanging on a wall near you?

Colourful face

Arrangement in Black and White/Nature Studies