Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope”

  1. At this point, I just hope whoever is elected doesn’t screw up too bad. Nevertheless, I like the photo and that somebody felt inspired enough to paint it.

    1. I couldn’t run an office let alone run for office, knowing how much I would screw it up. Which doesn’t seem to stop other people . . . glad you enjoyed the street art!

  2. I’ll give the artist credit for doing a good job on the painting, but had it been Ron Paul’s image on the poster and Ron Paul that we’d put in the White House in 2008, I’d agree that we’d made the right choice. At this point in time, I think the majority of us agree, Obama has been a disaster. I HOPE in 2012 we will have learned our lesson.

    1. The 2008 Republican nomination of John McCain/Sarah Palin scuppered any chance Ron Paul might have had of having his image in this shot.

      As for Rick, Mitt and the Newt, watching them slug it out with their ham fists is painful and I almost lose the will to live. Then Ron Paul comes along and cracks me up, reminding even the Newt that he left the office of Speaker because he didn’t get the votes to stay there . . .

      Thank you for your comment orples, great to meet you!

  3. Pk, politics … !!? I’d rather listen to a roomfull of real-estate salesmen under oath. Vote ’em in and vote ’em out before they make too much money.
    Democracy and Capitalism work like a dream.

  4. Great find and beautiful mural.
    Of course we all doubt our leaders. They all can’t be everything to everybody. But at least Obama isn’t sleazy. Wish I could say the same for some of the wannabes.

    1. Alan, so pleased you think the mural is beautiful! There was a real glow to it the day I found it and I keep meaning to check that it is still there in all its glory. You are so right about Obama not being sleazy, one word I would never have thought to apply to him! Obama seems to have his own set of doubts which to me makes him more human. Unlike certain wannabes . . .

  5. “Barack Obama, you either hope he does, or doesn’t, win this year’s U.S Presidential election!”

    Patti, this is a great thought! Haha . . . I love it! Great photo capture to go with your words too!

  6. Very nice street art, and your thoughts on politics are simpatico with mine. Love your reference to high apple pie in the sky hopes:

    “But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes;
    He’s got high apple pie in the sky hopes.
    So any time you’re getting low, instead of letting go,
    Just remember that ant!
    Oops! There goes another rubber tree plant!”

    A lot of people are hoping that the next administration (whether it be Barack, Mitt, Newt, Rick or Ron) will get the US economy going again.

    1. Time to get moving on some of those rubber tree plants!

      At least these election campaigns, what with the vast amounts of money spent, keep some parts of the US economy going . . .

    1. Connie, thanks for the laugh – lizards, newts, frogs and toads and now the slimy salamander!

      Did you know that his birth name is /was Newton Leroy McPherson? His teenage mother dumped his father, running off with Mr Gingrich, who adopted the tiny tot.
      Mitt’s first name is Willard (!) Can you imagine Newt campaigning as Leroy??? I suspect Newt has huge mother issues, starting with all his names and snowballing from there . . .

  7. I have hopes that whoever wins will truly make America better…to truly serve every person’s interest and take us away from all this mess. Of course, whoever wins, we all need to take our part too. I’ve seen some people abuse the freedom and the generosity this country has given them . Success is a group effort and such not only rest on one man or woman. Lets hope for the best…Beautiful photo with a message to reflect upon. Thanks….

    1. Yet to be mentioned is the mess inherited from the previous administration, along with the awful mess at the moment in the UK and Europe, all of which rather saps the will if not for the guiding light of high hopes! Onwards and upwards, we must all go together, as you so well say!

  8. Obama did represent so much hope for USA. Now I don’t know any more. Of course he is sidetracked by a Congress which doesn’t support him, so the situation is of course more complicated. I still can’t see any hope in neither of the opposition’s candidates. So your picture does indeed represent the hope for this country. As I see – as a non-US-citizen.

    1. Not forgetting how much Obama put into the hopes that Congress could work together in a more conciliatory, positive way. As for the Republican candidates of the moment, all I admire about them is their amazing, (delusional) self-confidence!

  9. I pass on a blog award, called “The Versatile blogger Award” to your blog; to send your blog all the good wishes and thank you for doing such a wonderful work with your blog.

    1. Oh Arindam, thank you so much for your kind words and good wishes! You are such a wonderful and generous blogger and I always look fwd to catching up with your latest. All best to you!

  10. Excellent entry, Patti – the political goings-on are a real circus, over there and in this corner of the world – showmanship rather than leadership *sigh*

    1. Greetings, bluebee, you must have missed Ron Paul’s speech to his Denver, Colorado audience (January 31, 2012). If you want a leader, he is the man to put in the White House. He will lead us right back to our Constitutional roots. If you have about 1/2 hour. Check this out. Dr. Paul has restored my faith and hopefully he will do the same for you.

        1. No, I just really believe that Ron Paul is the only Candidate running that wants to break us free from the banking cartels and reclaim our freedoms. We are losing our rights hand over fist and if we don’t act soon, we won’t any rights left. November is fast approaching, you know. This may be our last chance to redirect our Nation back to her Constitutional roots. If you get the chance, please listen to his speech. You will see what I mean.

          1. Hey Marcy, it occurred to me the other day – what if Ron Paul, without the GOP nomination (because Mitt is throwing the money and the Newt is . . . the Newt) does a Ralph Nader and runs as as Independent?

            1. I don’t think he will Patti. Dr. Paul has already said, even if he doesn’t win the nomination he hasn’t failed, because he has spread (renewed?) the idea of freedom and it is catching on rapidly. People are tired of being taxed to death and sending our children off to war for no good reason. We’re tired of having our rights removed through the likes of the Patriot Act, the TSA, and the NDAA. Believe me, I spend a good deal of time outside of my wordpress blog spreading the word and sharing his clips. Ron Paul is the only Politician I’ve ever believed in enough to actually take a real stand for. He’s fighting for us, so I can do the same for him. We owe a free America to future Generations. The only reason I posted my political views here is because you opened the door and I couldn’t resist. I read a cute saying today that is right up my alley . . . I speak my mind, because biting my tongue hurts. (LOL)! Let Freedom ring!!! Of course, I’m sure the GOP and the mainstream media would disagree with all I have to say here. They’re all a bunch of CFR puppets (except my man🙂, Ron, of course).

        1. Bummer. Oh well, he’s worth listening to anyway . . . Hes’ not your typical bought off Politician, which is why I mentioned him in response to your original comment. Take care.

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