Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope


Barack Obama, you either hope he does, or doesn’t, win this year’s U.S  Presidential election!

As for Mitt and Newt, Rick and Ron, they certainly have high hopes, high apple pie in the sky hopes and, with any luck, the Newt might one day Fly to the Moon with as many wives, mistresses and concubines as he wishes.

For reasons unknown to me I am a political junkie, curious and often incredulous as to what motivates certain people to assume hopes of leadership and thus representation of millions, who either have or haven’t bothered to vote for anyone anyway.  Not forgetting the overwhelming hopes placed by the voters upon the shoulders of one man or woman as the person who will change, transform their lives, hoping one administration will be better than the other.


Flag waving street art with Obama


Vibrant street art expresses the hope of the artist, not only for his community but for all across the country, letting the brick walls do the talking.  Spanish, English, whatever, we are all of us in these streets together.

Hope, not just a little town in Arkansas!