Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait


Oh my  God,  you’re joking!  Self-Portrait?  I don’t do me!  I go on the other side of the camera, it is the closet I carry around with me!

Plus, in my nerdy state of affairs, I struggled with the concept of just what is a self-portrait – a portrait of the self, taken by any one, or a portrait of the self taken by the self?  This is not what I should be spending time obsessing about, not at this time of year with Christmas so soon and my preparations to date non-existent. . .

Having posted so many photos of others I am hardly in a position to object to showing something of my face, although I could quietly sit this week out, what with Christmas and everything, but, I found this from the archives – a snap shot taken in a photo-booth with friends. Years ago but what the heck and when I really stop to think about it, it doesn’t seem that long ago.  What I have done with the shot is dress it up in some feathers and glitz so that in the event I do see out my days in a nursing home I will be the little old lady over in the corner with the crazy hat, lipstick and jewellery.  Whoever has the time to come and visit will see the face of a little old lady  looking at them.  Behind the lines, however, this is the person who will be thrilled to see them!

Heck, I might even take up smoking again by then!

Facing it!