Police Occupy Wall St: Zuccotti Park Raided

Police Occupy Wall St:  Zuccotti Park Raided

Police in riot gear raided Zuccotti park, site of the Occupy Wall St, in the early hours of this morning.  They arrested over two hundred people, including a city councillor, in the successful effort to evict the public space of the protestors.  Police took down the tents, seized sleeping bags, computer equipment and other personal goods along with the thoroughly catalogued library which is now stored in part at the sanitation department up on 56th St b/w 10th and 11th Sts.

Protestors returned to the site throughout the morning while riot police maintained a heavy presence both in the park which remained barricaded and off-limits to the public, and in the surrounding streets.

As of tonight camping in tents remains off bounds while the legal issue to do so remains in contest.  The latest update comes from the East Village where several churches have opened their doors to provide protestors with overnight accommodation.

Meanwhile, some photos of today’s events with the added bonus of a link to the Occupy Occupy Wall St.

Have you been a part of any occupation or do you think that as a cause it has run its course?

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