Herman Cain and the National Restaurant Association.

Oops! It has come to my attention that I have been remiss in my duties at parlaying certain political news from this side of the pond.  When it comes to denial, I am a happy camper but too many comments and queries have come my way lately about one Herman Cain for me to ignore any longer.

Herman Cain

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Who is Herman Cain?

Perhaps I have been in the US too long but I imagined that because I was aware of Herman Cain, I simply assumed that the rest of the world knows that this man has the potential to be the leader of the free world!  This is America, the land of The Dream, where anything is possible!That blissful ignorance remains out there in the rest of the world is something I find rather endearing but, people, I think the time has come for me to introduce you to this man who first came to my attention in the ages ago of the merry-go-round that was one of the earlier GOP delegate debates.  When Michelle Bachmann was the Prom Queen. Well, she won something back then in an Iowa poll, and Mitt Romney and Rick Perry were squaring off their manly jaws at each other to be Prom King.

The Newt was in there, holding his own as the crazy old uncle in the corner, while other younger men nipped at his heels.  I could look up their names but then so can you. OK.  Huntsman and Santorum . . .  men my mother might  one day have wished for me to bring home.  And marry.

Tacked on to the end of this spread was Herman Cain who seemed to get the odd word in there now and again but really, no-one paid him that much attention, if any at all.  Herman who, I wondered?  But that was then and now long ago, September 2011. Turns out he was Chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.  A successful businessman.  Just like Mitt!  With so much to say against Obama.  Just like Mitt et al.

Next I hear of Herman Cain, Gov Haley Barbour of Mississippi is almost endorsing Cain!  ie he loathes Mitt the Mormon from Massachusetts and the scary Gov Rick Perry from “Long Live the Death Penalty” Texas.

Michelle Bachmann has slipped the slippery slope of the pole poll (more to come on this later!) to the point where Herman Cain is now leading in the GOP polls . . . just ahead of the Mitt.

Herman wants to put up a barbed wire fence across the southern US border to keep immigrants in out but don’t go getting the wrong message with this policy. It was only a joke!  This country, everyone loves a shot at stand-up!

For the 999 tax policy, I could try to explain it but  . . . I can’t.

The last 24 hours have seen Herman Cain battling accusations of inappropriate behaviour during his days as chief executive officer of the National Restaurant Association.  He  stumped up to having said certain misunderstood mutterings to some women in the employ of the NRA (who knew there were two NRA‘s!) so long ago already, and to whom he made reparative payments.  Time to move on people!  And yes, the people are moving on to the extent that donations to Cain’s campaign fund have increased!

But something has been niggling away at me, something familiar.  Why, I want to know, is there something about Herman Cain that reminds me of  . . . Bill Clinton?

And if you have not yet seen Herman Cain channeling his inner John Lennon, here it is . . .

And I thought America ran on Dunkin’.   Imagine!