Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

How possible is it for a crowd to change more than the traffic?

October 15, 2011, so many thousands marched to Times Square from the occupied Zuccotti Park in downtown New York.  There are so many stories to be told from this day – the protestors, the police, the tourists, the shoppers, the observers.  Everyone anywhere near the day’s events will have their own special take on what took place.

With the freedoms we enjoy and a voice inside every one of us surely we all have a wealth of possibility before us. Don’t we?

Here are some views from the late afternoon approach to Times Sq.

Sunset March

Girl with statue, NY

Times Sq March

Bright lights and Shadows

Times Sq march with Spiderman

Times Sq horned bouquet

Leader addresses Times Sq crowd

Police across 46th st

Man clapping 46th st Times Sq protest