Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

This time last week Hurricane Irene was on the way.  How much would the wind blow?  NYC went into lock down leaving us to sit indoors waiting in anticipation for the full fury of mother nature to wrought its destructive wreathe.  Well, that’s how it felt at the time. . .

As we all know now, authorities downgraded the hurricane to that of a tropical storm and NY escaped serious damage.  Other areas were not so fortunate and will be picking up the pieces for some time to come.

Here is a small sample of the paths Irene crossed on the way through this patch of the city.


Hurricane Irene lapping FDR East River New York

East River lapping the FDR Drive


Carl Shurz Park New York Hurricane damage

Path closed in Carl Shurz Park


carl shurz park, new york, hurricane irene damage

Carl Shurz Park