Weekly Photo Challenge Colourful

43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Colourful”

    1. My goodness, that he did. I was in a fog when he walked by, not for long though! Good to know he has brightened your day Gaynor – imagine the fun of being in a nursing home with people like Kenneth!

  1. And what a bright and dapper chap is Dennis🙂 great colours🙂
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, and taking the time to leave a comment – appreciated🙂

    1. Alway lovely to see your cheery face and thanks for the love! These encounters turn up in the least expected places. I am sure Kenneth has a treasure trove of stories to tell!

    1. Huffygirl (what a great name!) thank you! I have my small camera with me all the time but it was getting up the nerve to ask his permission that was the tricky part for me – I am always a nervous wreck when asking but most people are happy to pose and smile!

  2. Oh Wow! I am known for my bright ties and occasionally a bright jacket but this guy tops anything I wear!🙂 He could almost be a Chelsea Pensioner! Nice one.

    1. Enjoy wearing your colourful outfits, they always reflect a certain sparkle in the eye! I am always taken aback to see a well-dressed man out in front as a dedicated leader of fashion!

    1. Have you ever found that on looking into the face of an older person for any length of time, and listening to them talk, the lines on their faces tend to fade away? Photos, however, and those lines really do map out their lives. I share your fascination.

  3. Nice photo patti,from the hat,to the sleeve down from the pants and shoes is truly colorful..I bet this man has a colorful life too.Nice choice of Model for this challenge..cheers.

    1. I think I saw the shoes first, following the outfit all the way up to the jaunty hat, finding Kenneth in the process! We paint our own colours in the lives we live – have fun!

  4. What a lovely, colorful character Kenneth looks to be. Wouldn’t mind spending some “going down memory lane” time with him. Great photo!
    Thanks Patti for stopping by and leaving your comment on my post. Have a great day!

    1. I suspect it might be a sprightly jaunt down memory lane with Kenneth!

      My pleasure in stopping by yours and happy to know Kenneth coloured your day. You have a good one as well!

    1. and it is all reflected in the light and the life in his eyes (I have a close-up) which has given him a dignified youthfulness. You keep smiling and thank you so much for all the lovely colour from your days in the sun!

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